Basically what the mumbo jumbo below says, is:
* Your data is owned by you
* You're responsible for everything you do and post
* We do our best to secure your data
* We don't voluntarily surrender your data
* We don't sell or give away your data
* You're a valued member of our community, treated with respect and dignity, and as such, your data will be protected.


Policy 1.0 

Your Content is owned by you. Your data will never be deceminated without your concent. Your data may be secured under at least, military grade encryption protocols within our systems (such protocols are secure, yet no system is 100% guaranteed to be 100% secure). Voluntary or paid disclosures to corporations, marketers or authorities to release your information, shall be refused, unless those authorities have secured authorization through proper channels such as a court order. 

We do not permit any action or materials on the part of the user that is considered illegal (a vilolations of the laws of the United States), if the violation occures in another country, yet is legal in the United States, such materials or activity may be permitted, yet full discretion is retained on the part of FlawkTalk whether or not to permit said materials or activity. 

Some other types of content are not permitted, such as content that violates our Terms of Service (TOS), these include things like posting pornography on our site in public view, posting grewsome materials, or spamming campaigns against our users. Violations of our TOS may result in action against your account. Violations of an illegal nature may result in your information being released to authorities and your account removed. 

This site operates within the bounds of the law, nevertheless, there are certain materials that you as a user may post, that neither violate our TOS, nor the laws of the United States, yet offends another individual in such a way as to incure liability in civil action. In these instances, and in all instances, FlawkTalk assumes no responsibility for the content you post, neither does it indorce or condone any particular content you may have uploaded upon our servers. Such content is exclusively yours and under your control and thus you are liable for your own content in every way shape and from.

1.0 (e)
Any data that you provide from your account (our servers), to a third-party, such as links to other social media sites, or advertisements, are of your own making and as such, FlawkTalk is not responsible to maintain your privacy that you have voluntarily surrendered to third-parties or outside sources. 

Collection of personal information from children under the age of 16 shall not knowingly occur. Should we become aware of such information being inadvertently received on our system, such shall be promptely removed from our records.

You may delete your account at any time, and FlawkTalk shall completely wipe the existance of such from it's system. There is no recovery option.

Policy 1.1
Service Providers:

In the event FlawkTalk uses third-party service providers such as financial services, or data services, your information may be released to such services, insofar as the information is necessary to affect the prupose for which it was given (such purposes do not include advertising or the use of your data in a way that is inconsisant with Policy 1.0). No further use of your data shall be permitted by FlawkTalk, to any third-party service. Decemmination of your data to service providers shall be strictly for the benefit of the user and mostly at the users request, such as when processing a credit card payment. 

Policy 1.2
Tracking and Cookies:

FlawkTalk greatly respects your privacy, and shall not sell your data to third parties. FlawkTalk may incorporate means to enhance your user experience internally, however, at NO time, shall FlawkTalk log or track you when you are not on FlawkTalk. Any logs that are maintained by FlawkTalk, are secure and private and used only for internal purposes for the benefit and security of our users.

FlawkTalk maintains your privacy, safety and security by collecting internal data such as the demographic and geographic information of users who utilize the site, network/device information, usage activity, and any data received by the end user during the registration process into our systems. FlawkTalk reserves the right to use any of this information in prevention of harmful conduct such spam prevention, scammers, stalkers and illegal activities that may jepordize our users, their security and their privacy. Internal content provided to FlawkTalk or otherwise generated, shall be used to improve services provided to the user. Internal data handling shall comply with the policies set forth supra, in Policy 1.0.

We may use cookies to enhance your user experience, however, we shall NOT use cookies for the purposes of third-party marketing. Cookies assist the user in preventing repeated logins, and help protect your account from potential security threats. Furthermore, cookies enable FlawkTalk to remember your settings such as privacy or langauge settings, so you do not have to repeatably enter these details. Cookies may also be used for security purposes.

Policy 1.3
Identifing Information:

Your personal identity information shall never be disclosed to any party unless required to do so by law. 

Policy 1.4
Notifications and subscriptions:

For your convience, FlawkTalk provides it's members with updates regarding the FlawkTalk system and services. You can opt out of these at any time, and each user is responsible to adjust his or her own preferences within the account. For example, if you prefer to receive notifications of newly discovered friends, you may enable that in your user panel, and those updates may be sent to you to the email you have on file. FlawkTalk does not forcefully submit non-critical messages to its users without consent. 

Policy 1.5
Policy updates:

You shall be notified of any update to our policy, and our policies are always publicly available for your viewing at any time.

Affective date: January 2021